10 tips for Football betting success

Tips for Football betting success

To be successful in football betting it is imperative to have a deep understanding of how the game is played. Recent scores and statistics should be used in conjunction with historical information and predictions from industry experts. Punters should also play in a strategic way, balancing both predictability and return on investment.


1) Know the Sportsbook

Firstly, gamblers should select the best sportsbook provider for them. If football is your passion, you should select one that focuses on it and offers a wide variety of markets. Once chosen, the punter should become intimately familiar with how the platform works.

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2) Know the Bet Types & Markets

Gamblers must know what the betting options are and how they work. Whether you choose pre-match or in-play, a single bet or multi-bets, the level of risk you incur should depend on your knowledge of the game.

The markets in football betting are, of course, specific to the game. In this vein, punters should know what goals, ‘both teams to score’, game halves, quarters, penalties, corners, etc. are and how likely they are to occur.

3) See the Odds & Statistics

Most sports betting websites provide lists of odds on the various betting options. It’s important for gamblers to view these odds, know what they mean and make decisions based off of them. A list of recent scores and statistics should also be viewed.

4) Verify the Odds

To ensure validity, view and compare the odds across a number of reputable sources.

5) See the Predictions

Football is the most popular sport in the world, and with that, there are hundreds-of-thousands of resources dedicated to analysing and predicting the results. Hence, it is imperative for punters to seek the opinions of industry-leading experts and insiders.

6) Live Stream the Game

Most sports betting websites offer live streaming of football games. It is important to watch these games to follow the progress of your pre-match bets, as a basis for your in-play bets and as a learning experience for future bets.

7) Know the game

Football is a highly emotive and reactive sport, so using statistics along with the historical context is key. For example, a certain team may have a perfect record but the past reveals that they flail under the pressure of too many consecutive wins. This knowledge could be the basis for a bet.

8) Play the ‘Board’

Combine predictable and generalised wagers with the more obscure and specific. So, the risk of multi-bets and backing ‘dark horses’ can be counteracted by the safety of betting on high odds options.

9) Know the Payout

At the end of the day, most gamblers play to make a profit. Hence, it is important to know the payout of individual and accumulated bets. As odds decrease and wagers become more specific, bets become more valuable. So, punters need to target these!

10) Take Advantage of Bonuses & Price Boosts

Gamblers should take advantage of bonuses, enhanced odds and price boosts to further increase their income (or decrease their expenses).

These tips should be applied to all future football bets to ensure success!

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